Friday, September 18, 2009


This has taken me longer than expected, and has been much harder. Yet, here I can present you with three sample characters, one for each of my settings. With these sheets the sketchy ruleset I have in my mind is finally coming to fruition. I'm posting them in the hope that seeing a real example will help you better understand some of the points I've not been able to explain correctly. And I'd expect to ignite your imagination, too.

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Lastly, a word from our sponsors (no, not really). One of the companies I added a link to last week, Heresy Miniatures, has just started a sale with discounts up to 35%. Don't miss the opportunity to grab some lead goodness at a superb price! And you may want to have a look at the upcoming BIG dragon (and place a pre-order; I already have one). Did I mention it's BIG?

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