Sunday, October 23, 2011


To start with, I'd like to welcome my latest four followers. That panel on the right is starting to become serious; let's see if I can live up to the expectation.

Something I haven't been able to lately, I'm afraid. The frequency of my posts are horrendous at best. Actually, I've been thinking a lot about that these last weeks. I've wondered why I just can't keep a steady output for the blog. Clearly there are many reasons, but one I'd like to address now is that I have too many ongoing projects, and a distinct lack of focus on one.

So which are my current projects and their status?
To start with, the three rpgs (Ajsalium, Necronomicon, and Galaxtar) that prompted me to start this blog. Because this was started as a place to post the background fluff for those settings, ideas for possible adventures, and to help me develop the rules with possible incomes from other people. Truth be told, this is all very stagnated. Well, not completely, as in August I invented a group of infernata for Ajsalium and began writing their little bios (I must finish writing that, damnit!). And I have been thinking, again, to play the Necronomicon adventure "Have you seen the Yellow Sign?" in a purely conversational way, that is, without any rules. A risky bet, I know, but I have faith in that that style of playing may fit well the Necronomicon setting.
There's the fourth rpg I brought up, Supers. Well, after some thought, I've given up on that, sorry. I don't think I'd be able to properly translate the superpowers with the ruleset I had in mind. But still, since I really like the superheroes thing, I want to write the background fluff of the setting, and more specifically, bios for superguys, in the manner of the Official Handbooks from Marvel comics. You can expect more of that... somewhen.
Also, all three original rpgs were going to be accompanied by their own boardgames. Did I give the names? If not, they are Dragonquest, Mythos Horror, and Xeno Hunt. Cheeky names, I know, but I wanted them to be cheeky. These have seen many different incarnations (in my mind), until I have reached a conclusion about how I want them to be: one player (director) against the others, on modular boards, and ultra-simple rules with only standard d6 dice. The main difference, apart from the setting, would be the nature of the modular board; Xeno Hunt will be played on narrow corridors and small rooms, for a claustrophobic effect; Dragonquest will be played on a modular cave, for that exploring effect; and Mythos Horror will be played on the whole Arkham city, because, you know, that city is doomed (and the world with it). These last two weeks I've been working on Xeno Hunt, thinking now specifically about the rules, and in my head they are very advanced. So that project at least has had some progress.
And finally, there's the neverending quest of finding and collecting the minis I can't live without, too.

And there's also my job with its odd shifts.
And moving house, and having to find the money to pay the mortgage, buy furniture, and all that.
And my other hobby, bodybuilding, that happens to be very demanding and tiresome (who would have thought, eh?).

Well, that's all for now. If I can keep focused enough on that Xeno Hunt boardgame, next post may be an overview of its rules. At least I have started to write them... and that's an improvement!