Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's been more than one year since my last post. What has been going on?
Well, a bunch of things, some good, some bad. I won't go into much (or any) detail, but suffice to say that I haven't got either time or enthusiasm to maintain steady posting here. Yet, three important things have happened lately that have prompted me back here.
First one is that I've gotten rid of a big burden. I bought a flat last year, and I've been completely reforming it. Nine months later, I'm still busy, looking for furniture and the like, but that's not as stressfull. So I have a little more time and spare energy.
Second, I've seen two people join my small group of followers. Welcome here! You must be brave, joining a blog that had had no updates in more than a year, lol. And to mend my previous lack of education, here's a welcome to my previous followers too.
And third, but not last, the sad news. One of the followers, 'Grekwood', won't be here any more. He was a young lad, in his twenty-something, welsh, and as full of enthusiasm as he was ill (CGD, a immune system disorder). With his death, without his light, the world is a darker place. To keep his legacy, it is our duty to make that extra effort to add a little joy to the world, as he did despite his unfavourable circumstances. That's why, tired as I may now be, I'm writing this.

Well, let's see you soon. What's to expect? A huge box is at my side, with an equally huge dragon, by Heresy Miniatures, inside. It can do with some 'unboxing review', don't you think? ;-)