Friday, April 6, 2012


Hello again. Even though I still don't know for certain what direction I'll take with the Supers! project, I have started to collect a few minis. At the very least I want to represent the team I presented some time ago (in this post), and many of the necessary minis are already in my collection. There's also the fact that I've written quite a lot of fluff for that setting, so now I'm going to present you some info on the supersoldiers that make up the bulk of Euroforce.

Euroforce is the best known result and the core of the E.S.H.D.I. (European Super Hero Defense Initiative), which was promptly created when U.S.-centric S.H.I.E.L.D. manifested its intention to lead the superhero defense in Europe through its British brand S.T.R.I.K.E.
Basically, Euroforce is composed of two main groups: six superheroes, and twenty-one supersoldiers. The six superheroes are Fusion, Nightslip, S. T. Roid, Zenith, Griffon and Afterburn. When people talk about Euroforce, it's usually about this team they think of.
But, as said, they are supported by other twenty-one soldiers (so that every European state has one member in it). These are deemed "supersoldiers", and rightly so, for they receive a treatment not too dissimilar to the one that Captain America went through, that has taken all of them to the maximum human limits. Because of that, popular belief is that they are almost clones; but that is wrong. The art of war has many facets, and all of them must be catered for.
Twelve of them are "standard" supersoldiers, designed to maximize their efficiency in all kind of situations, as Captain America was. The best equilibrium of strength, resistance, stamina, agility, reflexes, speed and mental capabilities guarantee their supremacy against all non-augmented humans. They are equipped with state-of-the-art next generation armour and weaponry: the armour is a skin-tight fabric made mostly of woven cordura with kevlar, with extra protective plates in key areas; and their weapon of choice is a high velocity rifle, or a plasma cannon as alternative heavy weapon. I will be using old Void Syntha prosthene marines to represent them: click for pic.
Six of them (the ones that were policemen previous to the Euroforce program) form the "protectors". Their augmentation were designed with two clear purposes on mind: to protect the innocent bystanders in superheroics operations, and to repress superpowered crime. Because of that, the stress was put in their strength and resistance, including healing capacities, in lieu of speed and agility. They are granted a rigid heavy armour, including a helmet inlaid with adamantium (so as to avoid mental manipulation), and a riot shield with an adamantium mesh core too. They wield a multipurpose subrifle capable of firing standard ammunition, as well as anti-riot hard foam bullets, and even act as a potent sonic disruptor. These will be represented with Void Viridian (plastic) marines: click for pic.
Two of them were selected to be developed and trained into being a strike team; that is to say, quick support for when things go wrong. They've had their reflexes and coordination maximized, and constantly train both with Griffon and Nightslip. The reason is that they are equipped with wing-shaped jetpacks (so they can quickly get in and out of the action), and Griffon is the master in true three-dimensional combat; and armed with two pistols, an area in which Nightslip's gun-fu reigns supreme. Since they always dive deep into danger a full armour was a must; but it's not so clunky as the one worn by the protectors, so as to no hinder their movements. The Void Vasa shuriken guard are my choice this time: click for pic.
Finally there's the comm technician, who also excels as hacker. This girl was specifically selected for that role since during her service at the army had shown an incredible affinity with any and all computer languages. As a supersoldier her augmentation veered in the direction of enhancing her mental capacities for performing such tasks, including the implantation of cybernetics directly linked to her nervous system. She's not supposed to enter combat, but just in case she wears a slight variation of the common supersoldier garment, and is armed with a simple sidearm. The mini for her is the Void Vasa knight of spirit. Here you can see her as painted by Astorderire on CMoN. The paintjob he used is the one I'll use too: dark blue fabrics, and black armour plates.

That's all for now. Who knows what will the next post be about? And when will it be posted?