Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You may be wondering what the hell is going on. I posted on the very New Year day, even changed the looks of the blog to a far more professional layout, but since then... nothing... nil...

The main reason for this prolonged silence is that I suffered a malware infestation on my PC. A computer that has not been working properly ever, as the HD has some hardware problem. And the graphics chip. And the motherboard. So I've had to finally buy a new one.
And this has been just one more problem on top of some other more serious real life issues, at job mainly, that have drained pretty much all my energy and enthusiasm. I just didn't feel like continuing with the blog.

But I don't have that malware now, and other things seem to be going more or less OK, so I'm coming back to the blog and regular updates. I'll try to be more regular and have a weekly update posted in the weekend. I may diversify themes a little bit, too, adding more posts about minis and some game reviews. So if you stay tuned this weekend things will go back to normal, as if it had been no hiatus.

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