Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This adventure for the Necronomicon setting will likely be the last one for now, as I consider that there's enough of them to keep my players and myself entertained for a long time (and I'm running out of ideas!). "Flesh" is mainly based on the films "Lord of Illusions", by Clive Barker, and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", by Tobe Hooper; and also inspired by the "Hellboy" film and the "Herbert West: Reanimator" and "From Beyond" short stories by H. P. Lovecraft. The aim is to make a new lovecraftian take on the serial killer horror cliche. The plot of the adventure will revolve about a severely insane serial killer, disciple of an investigator into unknown realities, who died/disappeared when using a device "to see reality as truly is", actually more of a merger of our reality and another, and their inhabitants. The disciple, now alone, and gone crazy by the "miracles" he witnessed, is attempting to resurrect his master bringing his soul back from beyond into a new body he's creating for him from the corpses of people he kidnaps and then kills. The PCs will find themselves without gas when travelling, and will have to get to the nearest town, an almost dead one, where the antagonist lives. As he kidnaps one of the PCs, the others will have to chase him to his lair. If they are quick enough they may save the life of their friend; otherwise he will be already killed, and his flesh used to finish the new body for the master, who would then be brought to life using the dimensional device. In this last case the master is now an alien entity of immense power, so the only way for the PCs would be to try to banish it from our reality manipulating the device. And in any case, in the lair the PCs will have to confront strange gelatinous worms that had been brought in previous experiments, as well as some other lesser disciples from the master, apart from the bulky and slightly "transformed" serial killer.

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