Thursday, November 26, 2009


Basically what the title says. Some days ago I remembered this magnificent Playstation game (one of the best games ever, in my opinion). And thought it could become a good Necronomicon adventure, as it shares many things with lovecraftian horror: weird town, oppressive atmosphere, strange occultist cult, loneliness of protagonist... For the adventure I'll follow the plot of the game rather literally, as I think it would be difficult to come with something better. That includes having just one single PC (the father of the lost girl), which should provide an interesting gameplay. Or at most, I may include a second PC (the female police officer), that will only play intermittently, keeping the main player wondering whether she's truly a PC and an ally, or a NPC and possible rival. The only thing that still worries me about this adventure is finding a good balance between the bloody and infernal horror from the Silent Hill videogame and the more alien and cosmic horror of Lovecraft. But of course maybe the cult is mixing some yog-sothothery knowledge with typical pseudo-christian imagery...

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