Monday, April 6, 2009


Here. Now. Rationality and science have finally triumphed over superstition and myth. The amazing advancements of science during the whole XX century has broaden our knowledge of the universe and its laws. And what we still don't know, we know that we'll know, as reason provides us with everything needed. All will be apprehended by these means.

If only it were true...

But it's not. There's more to reality that what can be measured. We may turn our backs ob the stuff of myths, but they won't turn theirs on us. In fact, somewhere, somewhen, some things look upon us and grin wildly. They have existed forever, they are older than time itself, and will outlive it. What transcend of them to our reality is what gave birth to horrid myths, the nightmares that fools wrote down in dark tomes of superstitious lore. And what was once, will be again, for they are not dead those who can eternal lie.

The more confident we are in our reason, the weaker we become to resist them. Only by accepting that the things that cannot be are, there's a small possibility to fight them back to wherever and whenever they belong, and free our world from their corrupting influence.

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