Tuesday, March 31, 2009


And so it begins. Let me tell a couple of things about me. First, I like things such as fantasy, horror and science fiction. Second, I've been a roleplayer for quite a few years now. Then it seems only logical that I like playing fantasy, horror and sci-fi rpgs.
And having way too much imagination for my own good I've been developing my own home made settings for the mentioned genres; with the intention of using them in future adventures. Unfortunately, I didn't want to learn three different rules systems for the three kinds of settings. Also, when checking generic systems, I have found none that I truly like, as I always consider them excessively complicated to adapt them to the desired setting.
What I really wanted was to find a single rule system that could be used in rather different types of games, and I wanted it to be very simple to use, both for the DM and for the players. Slowly I began thinking what such a system should include, and thus were born the first embryo of what now is my home made rule system (work in progress yet).

But what does all that have to do with this blog?
Good point. I'm not as organized as I should be, and that means that I've spent lots of hours imagining stories and histories, and devising plots and adventures, only to be forgotten some time later as I didn't bother to write down any of them.
This blog should help me to avoid that. First of all, is my geeky diary, in which I'll post all my ideas so that I keep them in one same place, thus helping it all to really grow. But it's a special diary in that is public, for all you to read and comment. I greatly appreciate the contributions of other people, as they infuse new life and perspectives that make the settings richer or may help you overcome a dead end.
With a little luck, this blog will keep you entertained, and you will help me develop my rules and settings.

So what's the plan, then?
Well, except for some miscellaneous entries (like this one), most other posts will belong to one of these four categories, and will be adequately labelled:
1) Ajsalium: My fantasy setting (and the origin of my nickname, by the way). In a few words, it's a world that managed to defeat an infernal attempt of conquest, but at the price of the progressive extinction of dragons, elves and dwarves, and maybe only to have humans give the world to the surviving and scheming fiends.
2) Necronomicon: My horror setting. Except that it's not quite mine, because it is based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, just played in these first years of the XXI century.
3) Galaxtar: My science fiction setting. Dated in the XXV century, mankind is now one of the mayor civilized races of the galaxy. But it's also the youngest one, owning just eight solar systems, and immersed in interstine political turmoil and menaced from outside.
4) Ruleset: My games, my rules, so far codenamed "Arcade". A very simple system, that could be learned in but a few minutes and mastered after one game session; yet versatile enough to accommodate quite different settings and styles of play. Entries regarding the specific aspects that adapt the basic rules to one of the mentioned setting will have both the "ruleset" label and the one corresponding to the setting.
In order to keep everything organized and facilitate navigation, further labels will be added, too.

And... that's all. Stay tuned, I hope you'll have fun visiting this blog and don't be shy and comment as much as you feel like.See you.

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